About Stemma:

We are The Harper Family. We are passionate about food and beverage, and believe the two connect people together. Our hope is that our taproom becomes an extension of your living room and a place where relationships happen.  We create beer so you can sit back, relax, and create better friendships. We invite you to share our family’s love and passion over a well-crafted pint. Welcome to The Stemma Family.

Stemma is a latin word meaning "a recorded genealogy of a family, or a family tree".

How It Almost Began:

Jason, like many home brewers, had dreamed about opening a brewery since he began with a small brew system that involved the stove top in a 3rd story condo and a bathtub (ask him about it sometime!). While others were drinking inexpensive domestic beers, Jason was bringing craft brew to share. It wasn’t until their honeymoon in 2011 when Jason’s wife, Kimberley, began to appreciate and share Jason’s love for beer. After several years of dreaming, life experience, and growing their family, Stemma Brewing comes to life.  When the Harper’s invite friends into their home, they want them to feel like family.  This holds true at Stemma Brewing where they hope friends will gather as family.

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